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"You shall be blessed in the city, you shall be blessed in the fields."

Welcome to Blessed Fields!

Our farm is located about 30 minutes NW of Fort Worth, Texas in Wise County. We'd love for you to browse through our pages to see what all is going on around this busy farm. We frequently have goats and puppies for sale as well as soap and eggs. We do not sell our delicious, fresh goat milk, but let me know if you'd be interested in trying some

Deuteronomy 28:3 says, "You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the field". We decided to claim that promise for our farm.          

Additional animals

In addition to the productive animals, we also have other pets like emus, rabbits, and a horse that are mainly jut for fun. Our three Emus are what we call our "field ornaments". By that we mean they really don't do anything useful, but it is sure fun to watch them!  They literally do somersaults in the field when they get too excited! An emu egg is so big, it is equvelint to 10-12 chicken eggs. We are hoping we have a couple girls among our 3 birds. To tell if they are male or female, you have to wait until they are a year old. Ours are just over year, so we will find out soon!

If you were to look in our field you would also see rabbits running loose. They have everything they need on our land, so they don't ever wander too far. There has been countless numbers of bunnies that have been born in our field. We sell most of them when they are old enough.

Missy is our pony-sized Caspian horse. We got her in 2013 and have been loving her ever since! Visitors sometimes get the privillage of riding her. Having a horse is yet another thing that catches the attention of those passing by.